Yamaha Unified Communications 01ELITEEXEC4 Elite 4 Channel system (no mics)

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The Executive Elite 4-Channel Wireless System from Revolabs is designed to deliver high-quality audio for boardrooms and conference rooms. The system is comprised of a 1RU DSP base, an antenna receiver, and a charging tray. It offers both local and remote "cloud-based" management of up to 4 wireless microphones (sold separately). Several systems can be linked together to support up to 44 microphones, or more in Maximum Density mode. The Executive Elite features a remote antenna receiver unit which is separate from the Executive Elite base DSP (Digital Signal Processing) unit. The remote antenna receiver and base DSP units are connected via a standard CAT5e or CAT6 cable which support Power over Ethernet (PoE) and enable simplified installations.

The included remote antenna receiver unit can be ceiling or wall mounted and can be placed in the room where the wireless microphones are located regardless of the location of the receiver base DSP unit. The wireless system employs Revolabs OTA technology which enables receivers in relative proximity to one another to synchronize automatically, thus allowing deployments of multiple Revolabs Executive Elite receivers to optimize usage of the available audio channels.

Revolabs Executive Elite offers both local and remote "cloud-based" system management. The base DSP unit's display provides administrators with information on microphone status, audio and radio signal strength, and system performance. The local Web-based interface also allows you to manage the system locally by connecting a laptop or tablet directly to the base DSP unit via a USB cable. The enhanced integration capabilities supporting third party room control systems enables management of the audio behavior in the room from a single console.

All wireless communication between the microphones and the remote antenna receiver units are AES-256 encrypted, with encryption keys automatically updated every few minutes. Wired communication between the Executive Elite remote antenna receiver and base DSP unit is also AES-256 encrypted with automatic key updates.The Executive Elite receiver pairs with the full suite of Revolabs Executive Elite microphones and adapters (sold separately).
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